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New to our website is an online shopping page that offers great deals to you our customer. To take advantage of these deals all you need to do is register your details which will in turn give you a user name and password. This user name and password allows you to sign in whenever and wherever you are and take advantage of the great deals on offer.

At Dunlite we pride ourselves on offering a high level of product knowledge and customer service and we do this through our dealer network of over 500 dealers Australia wide. For the purpose of this online shopping site, we have included our selling dealers to assist in making this shopping experience unique and exclusive to you. Although you are buying the Dunlite product online, at the conclusion of your purchase you will be contacted by one of our dealers. They will finalise your purchase with you and offer any further information you may require. By including our dealers; we believe you are getting the customer service you deserve whilst still having the advantage of online deals that are exclusive to online shoppers. It truly is the best of both worlds. You get a great deal, with great customer service and you don’t have to provide your credit card details over the internet.

Once you are signed in you are ready to shop. Select the quantity of the product you wish to purchase and press the “BUY” button. This item is added to your shopping cart and you can continue to shop or checkout. Once checked out you are shown a summary of your purchase, if you are happy with this and all is correct you continue to the next page.  Here you are given the details of the dealer that will be in contact with you. Do not worry if this dealer is not in your town or suburb. All of our web dealers are happy to help you no matter where you live in Australia and they will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase.   

So register today and be part of a totally unique online shopping experience.

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