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As well as Yamaha Inverter generators Dunlite Power Equipment also have a complete range of industrial Yamaha powered generators. The Yamaha name has been well known in the power equipment industry for many years and now partnered with the Dunlite name these two brands are sure to give you exactly what you are looking for - Reliance, Excellence and Dependability.

Ranging from a 2.5kVA to 7.7kVA, in both recoil start and electric start, these generators are ideal for powering your tools and power equipment. Even running sensitive electronics is not an issue due to the Italian made NSM alternator with less than 6% harmonic distortion.

The MZ range of Yamaha engines used to build these Dunlite generators boasts unrivalled fuel efficiency and power to weight ratio. They range from 4-12 horsepower and feature a large sized muffler and air cleaner for quieter operation.

Why Yamaha?
Our Yamaha generators are extremely competitive in price and performance. They are light weight and have longer running times. We also have welder generators and multi power packs available in our range.  Complete with a 2 year warranty, service support and spare parts available you know you are covered when you buy a Yamaha generator.

For more information on the Yamaha products available go to our petrol portable generators section on the home page or contact us on 1300 555 253.

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