Old Dunlite generator

Dunlite has been manufacturing and supplying portable petrol and diesel powered equipment for over 80 years. Today Dunlite offers a wide range of products to Australia and exports to the Pacific region.  Dunlite products range from portable petrol and diesel powered Generators, Welder Generators, Multi-Power, Tractor Pacs and Inverter Generators.

Assembled in Australia with parts available nation-wide, Dunlite is supported by a growing national network of over 507 dealers and has branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Our decades of experience are reflected in our current products with the use of Honda and Yamaha as our choice of engine manufacturers.  We offer a wide and diverse product range that includes high quality pump products that extend from small powered fire fighting pumps to large capacity pumps for transferring water from a dam or pool.  Our portable generators are conservatively rated and can produce additional power for short periods when required.  In addition, all Dunlite generators are fitted with premium Italian made NSM Alternators and come with Less Than 6% Harmonic Distortion, so you can run your most sensitive electronic equipment with confidence.

Dunlite generators offer high continuous output ratings when compared to other models on the market with equivalent power ratings. Our generators are conservatively rated and can produce additional power for short periods when required, so that every model in the Dunlite range is able to go that extra mile.

Why choose Dunlite Power Equipment?

  • For tough, continuous performance that won’t let you down, we use genuine Yamaha and Honda engines: brands you know and trust.
  • We use premium quality, Italian-made NSM alternators to provide you with industry leading clean power. Because our harmonic distortion ratios are less than 6%, you can use your Dunlite generator with even the most sensitive equipment.
  • Our generators are rated conservatively so that they can go that extra mile when really needed.
  • Parts are available Australia-wide, supported by a growing network of over 507 dealers.
  • We use Australia approved Honda engines that come with extended warranties, ( warranty length depends on engine model)
  • Your generator is backed by our 2 year warranty.