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November is proving to be a busy month at Dunlite with 3 new products now available for order.

New to the portable diesel generators range are the Yanmar 6.8kVA and Kohler 6.5 kVA diesel generators. These two new engine brands are both reliable and well respected having been in the industry since the early nineteen hundreds.  These Electric start units are both suited for the home, property or work site.

The final new product released is the DGUH2S-2, which is a 2.5kVA Honda powered generator. This generator is light weight; ideal for transporting to and from site or around your property. It will also safely run your electronic equipment such as power tools, microwaves and computers.  

For more information on all of these models view our individual spec sheets via the home page or call 1300 555 253 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

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