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What Is A Power Take Off / PTO Generator

What is PTO?

A PTO at the rear end of a farm tractor.

A PTO at the rear end of a farm tractor. © User:bdk / Wikimedia Commons

If you are not familiar with farming equipment, you might not know what power take off (or commonly known as PTO) is.

Simply put, it is a method to generate energy from a tractor’s engine for use with other equipment such as mechanical arms, harvesters, hay balers and so on.

PTO Generator

If you need to do some work in your farm where electricity is not available, you can use a PTO generator which is an alternator that can be connected to your tractor’s PTO drive. Your tractor’s engine replaces the need for a full generator set with its own engine, making it more portable and practical to transport around your property.

PTO generators can also act as backup power source should the mains go down. Having a dedicated backup generator for the farm is rarely affordable and with farmers across Australia going through a rough time, using PTO generators is a really wise financial decision.

Dunlite Tractor Pac

Dunlite’s range of PTO driven generators are fitted with a splined shaft that accepts an input of 500rpm and couple to most brands of tractor in the market. With power output ranging from 50 to 100 kVA, it is a great addition to your farm equipment. The 50 kVA version comes with an optional carry frame, which makes it even easier to transport and store.